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NH Divorce Lawyers: New Hampshire Divorce Lawyers, New Hampshire Divorce Attorneys
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NH Divorce Lawyers
A Guide to Divorce Attorneys Online in New Hampshire

Concord - Spiller Law Firm
Derry - Parnell & McKay
Dover - Nossiff and Giampa
Dover - Shaheen & Gordon
Manchester - Clark Law Offices
Manchester - Dahar Law Firm
Manchester - Heather M. Sekella
Nashua - Joseph M. Annutto
Nashua - Barbara Burns Landry
Nashua - Wolfson & Bernazzani
Piermont - Ora SchwartzbergVerified Listing
Portsmouth - Weibrecht & Reis
Wilton - Honey C. Hastings

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Your selection of a NH divorce lawyer could have a significant impact on your life for years to come. Alimony, the division of marital assets, child custody, child visitation, and your co-parenting relationship with your former spouse might all be influenced by your selection of counsel. This is one area of law where the court has many things to consider, and wide latitude to determine the outcome. With so much at stake, your selection of a NH divorce lawyer should be deliberate, thoughtful and reasoned.

In a small state like NH finding attorneys who only practice one area of law can be difficult. We therefore recommend that anyone seeking to hire a NH divorce lawyer consider finding someone belonging to professional associations beyond the Bar, an organization like the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

In some cases NH divorce lawyers will offer a free consultation. If your case is complicated, or has a high dollar value, perhaps talking to two or three divorce lawyers would help in your choice. Feel free to ask questions. If there are children involved, your selection could have an impact on their lives for years also.

Keep in mind that fees charged by divorce lawyers are often negotiable. Your attorney runs a business - it just happens to be a law office. Whatever their fee quote, feel free to make a counter offer. If done tactfully, NH Lawyers rarely object. Understand though, the cheapest lawyer isn't always the best for you.

We recommend that you read the following two articles:
Choosing a Divorce Attorney
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To get an idea of how fellow attorneys rate each other, consult Martindale-Hubbell and to interpret the information see their explanation page.

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