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Information about Casinos, Poker, Blackjack And More in The Granite State

Are You Not Entertained? A Complete Guide to Gaming Entertainment Venues in the Granite State

If you're not a New Hampshire native then chances are that the first thing that comes to mind when somebody mentions The Granite State is snow, mountains and the need for a thick winter coat. In fact, make that 2 thick winter coats. In any case, while it's true that New Hampshire does indeed boast some of the largest ski mountains on the East Coast, there's much more to the place in terms of entertainment and there's generally something to cater to all tastes if you search hard enough. Moreover, if you're a fan of gaming in particular then a visit to New Hampshire should definitely be on your bucket list and below is a comprehensive guide to the places that you should be checking off when you finally make it over here.

Chess Clubs
There are a multitude of chess clubs to sample in the New Hampshire area which welcome players of all ages and abilities so whether you play like Magnus Carlsen or Magnus Magnusson, you're bound to find a club which is suitable for you needs. From the Capital City Chess Club situated in Bow to Knights Chess Club in Keene, there are clubs situated all the way across the state, ensuring that you're never a million miles away from a chess-playing community. If competitive chess is more your thing then the Portsmouth open tournament runs in January of every year where players can win generous cash prizes of up to $550 in a more serious environment while gaining value experience and FIDE/USCF rating points. Oh, and don't worry about having to lug a board and all 16 pieces around either - each club provides top quality equipment free of charge.

If chancing your arm against the dealer is something that appeals to you then you can stop by one of one of the 10 casinos spread out across 8 cities throughout the state - all of which come with well-stocked bars. For instance at The River Casino & Sports Bar players can choose between 4 types of sangrias for $8.50 or a fancy Very Cherry Knob Creek Old Fashioned for $10. For the poker and blackjack players out there, there are around 179 live tables scattered among New Hampshire, with the Cheers Poker Room in Salem boasting the largest and perhaps grandest gambling facility in The Granite State. If betting on red or black is your game then don't panic, American and French roulette is widely available at multiple venues along with the more traditional European roulette, which according to Betway Casino reminisce of the most authentic versions of roulette and offers players better odds than its American counterpart as it has only 37 numbers, whereas a double zero in American roulette means that there are 38 numbers to choose from. As for bingo fans, they can head to the Lakes Region Casino and play a game 4 times per week, from Thursday to Sunday. The facility also hosts poker tournaments every day from Wednesday to Sunday. Finally, Ocean Gaming has plenty of slot machines with dual screens courtesy of EagleStrike Entertainment, with classic themes such as Major Cash or Lucky Striker.

eSports and Board Game Rooms
We've already established that there are plenty of chess-related activity across New Hampshire but at the same time, we understand that having to concentrate on a game for such long periods isn't everyone's idea of fun. With eSports currently enjoying a huge surge in popularity and being broadcast all over the world by stations such as ESPN, the state boasts a plethora of indoor game centers and gaming shops such as Myriad games, who host 5 different video gaming nights throughout the week focussed on fan favorites such as Magic: The Gathering or Hasbro's Dungeons of Dragons. For those who want to enjoy board gaming on a slightly bigger scale, The Granite Game Summit takes place a few times throughout the year and encourages social, open board gaming within New Hampshire in a friendly and inclusive environment. Gamers are invited to simply bring their favorite board games with them, set them up and then enjoy the experience of playing with total strangers who share the same interests.

New Hampshire - New Opportunities
The truth about New Hampshire is that while this list covers a whole host of options with regards to entertainment in the state, there's no substitute for coming up here yourself and experiencing it for yourself. With some of the best transport links in the area, you can make your way to The Granite State with ease no matter where you find yourself located in the country so there really are no excuses. With New Hampshire boasting some of the best snowmobiling trails and resorts, tourism officials recently estimated that around 8.5 million visitors were expected to have visited the state over the winter. Sure, the weather may get colder than most places but the welcome has never been warmer and if that doesn't keep the cold off your back then we've also got a pretty good reputation when it comes to Hot Chocolate. We've done all we can now to show the way - the rest really is up to you.

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